AbCa's Creek Lodge Gambia

Het echte Gambia ontdekken? Cultuur en natuur met een stralende glimlach!

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AbCa’s Creek Lodge is located in a beautiful area in the inlands of the Gambia.
The lodge is a nice place to stay for tourists who would like to experience the traditional way of living and also see the amazing nature of the inlands. During your visit you can stay the night and take part of different activities and excursions.
It is also possible to visit us without staying the night. You can explore the surroundings by yourself, take part of excursions or just relax and enjoy the lovely food and drinks. 


Information about AbCa's Creek Lodge 




Kassagne, Gambia
tel. +220 7994414  (English)
tel. +220 7994413  (Dutch and English)

AbCa's Creek lodge is located on a creek of the Gambia river in the village of Kassagne. 


The terrain of the lodge has a size of two football fields. There are all kinds of trees and shrubs, including many palm trees. This is the natural habitat for colorful birds. Also monkeys are regular visitors because of the attractive nature.
The cottages are located scattered in the garden. Every cottage has several rooms. Do not expect a lot of luxury in this part of Gambia. Basic services such as running water and electricity are not standard in the inlands.

The rooms of the AbCa's Creek Lodge include the following essential basic services:
-running water;
-24 hours a day electricity;
-bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. 

Good hygiene is very important for us. The rooms are cleaned daily and you get clean towels every day.

What makes a stay at AbCa's Creek Lodge so attractive?

Most tourists who travel to Gambia spend their holiday on the coast enjoying sun, sea and beaches.
Definitely worthwile, but if you want to discover the real Gambia, then we are the people you need.
You don't even have to travel far inland. Our lodge is only 1 hr 15 minutes from the coast and 1 hr from Banjul International Airport.


During your 
stay at AbCa's Creek's lodge you will experience the beautiful scenery and real African life. It wil be unforgettable!


The following pictures will show you what you can expect in AbCa's Creek Lodge.