AbCa's Creek Lodge Gambia

Het echte Gambia ontdekken? Cultuur en natuur met een stralende glimlach!


 The first part of this page is about activities and trips that start from AbCa’s Creek Lodge.

The second part of this page is about activities and trips that start from your accommodation near the beach. (scroll down) 

Activities and excursions starting from AbCa's Creek Lodge

During your stay in 
AbCa's Creek Lodge you can explore the beautiful nature in the surroundings of Kassagne in different ways, for example by bike or during a walk. You can spend your time relaxing and swimming in the creek. The reception has different maps and hiking trails available for the active visitors and we are happy to help you with any questions regarding these trails.

In order to get to know the ‘real Africa’ it is also possible to participate in  guided activities and excursions. 

The excursions are priced in euros but you can also pay with Dalasis, British Pounds or US dollars.

Walking tour in the surrounding

Duration: 1-1 hr 30 min
Maximum group size: 10 persons
Price:  €5,- per person 
(a minimum of 2 persons)

One of our activities is the walkingtour. During this tour you will get in touch with the Gambian nature.
On the go, you will meet the beautiful and colourful birds you will ever see. You might ask yourself if they escaped from the aviary.
There are about 550 different kinds of birds, so you won't get bored. Besides birds, we will also pass monkeys and colourful lizards. Your binocular will make overtime.


Boat trip 'Mangrove'

Duration: 1 hr 30 min
Price:  €8,- per person (a minimum of 2 persons)

Leaving from our landing by the lodge.
Experience the beauty of the Mangrove on a relaxing boat trip. Learn about the numerous birdlife, sea otters and different 
s of monkeys to be sighted with educational talks by the guide. Our boat is an original Gambian boat so you will get the 'real Gambian experience'. Don't forget your camera to capture this experience.

Bike tour in the surrounding

Duration: 1 hr 30 min
Price:  €8,- per person (a minimum of 2 persons)

During this excursion you are going to discover the environment by bike. The guide will tell you all about the environment. You will ride on both paved and unpaved roads and in the mean time you will enjoy the beautiful Gambian nature. On the go, you will see monkeys, colourful birds and termite mounds.
We will cycle through little African villages where people are working on the land. Sometimes we stop to get in contact with the residents of these villages. Your binocular and camera are an absolute must-have on this excursion.

Canoe trip to Bintang

Duration: 2-3 hours
Price: €10,- per person

You will leave from the lodge and paddle at a leisurely pace to the village of Bintang or from the lodge.
This is a distance of 12 km.
On the river you can enjoy nature and without a doubt you will see all kinds of birds and other animals. On the river it is very quit so you will be able to enjoy the serenity.
At the end of the tour you will be picked up in the village of Bintang by one of our employees.

At your own risk. Please be aware if any damage or lost happened would be at your own cost and risk.

Be aware you are going on your own not with a guide.

AbCa’s Discovery tour

Duration: 9.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m.
Including: lunch
Price:  €55,- per person
 (a minimum of 4 persons)

During this tour you will see the ‘real Gambia’. 
After breakfast we first will visit a Gambian family in a compound. You will get to know the daily life and habits of this family, which is typical for Gambian people. 
Thereafter we drive to a little village where we will meet teachers and students and if you are lucky you may even teach te students! This is not possible during the weekends and during school holidays.

We will visit a colourful market at Brikama, a town closeby Kassagne. Many Gambian people come here to buy their groceries. There is a broad variety of stuff, such as fresh fish, fruit, clothings, shoes, etc. As forementioned, the market is typical for local people. However, there are also products that are interesting for tourists. It's a good place to buy souvenirs.

Lunch will be served at Paradise beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches outside the tourist zone. There will be some free time after lunch to work on your tan or stretch a little.
Finally, we will leave the beach to drive to the fishing village Tanji. Fishermen are coming back from sea to selle their catch at the beach. You will be amazed bij the variety of fish. One of the biggest fishes is the barracuda.
After this amazing day we will drive back to the lodge.

AbCa's history tour 

Duration: 08.00 a.m.-04.00 p.m.
Included: lunch
Price: €69,- per person (a minimum of 4 persons)

This tour will take us back to the most tragic period in the history of the Gambia Atlantic slave trade. 
From all over West Africa slaves were being transported across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe and America. James Island on the River Gambia became the biggest slave yard where slaves were been sold and prepared to be transported over the Atlantic Ocean. 
During this trip we will use a traditional Gambian motorboat. We will get on the boat at AbCa’s Creek lodge. We will start in the Creek of Bintang through the mangroves and continue the boat trip on the main Gambia River. After 2 hours we will arrive at James Island. If we are lucky we will see the bottle nose dolphins on the way.

James Island, official named today as Kunta Kinteh Island , has been put on the world heritage list by Unesco ( This tragic slavery trading period may not be forgotten. On the island we will tour to see the remains of the slavery period,   like the fort with its slave dungeons.
The Portuguese owned it in 1651 and it was finally possessed by the English. After the visit on the Island we will cruise to the mainland. Albreada and Juffrureh, two major villages that were used as slave trading post and loading base.  
Juffureh is the place where the famous slave Kunta Kinteh was born in 1750. He became famous by the book that was written by Alex Haley about slavery. We will visit one of the old trading houses that is used as a museum nowadays. We can  read a lot of the slavery days and get a clear picture of this black page in Gambia’s history. 

We will have lunch in a local restaurant along the River Gambia before we go and cruise back to AbCa’s Creek Lodge. 

AbCa's Safari (taste of Gambia)

Duration: ± 4 uur
Price: €35,- per person (a minimum of 2 persons)

During this trip you will experience the real highlights of the Gambia. We will drive you with our 4x4 Jeep through the beautiful landscapes and untouched nature. While driving through villages you will see the real traditional cultural life. To get more insight of the traditional way of living we will visit a family. This is a unique opportunity to see local women living their daily life by working in there garden. On the way you will enjoy the beautiful nature. Our experienced guide will tell you all about it. This is going to be an experience you will never forget.

Home cooking

Duration: 10.00 a.m.-15.00 p.m.
Price: €35,- per person 
(a minimum of 2 persons)

Learn to cook a real Gambian dish and discover the secrets of a real Gambian meal. 
The workshop will start in the morning with shopping on a local market. In this market we buy the ingredients like spices, fish, meat and vegetables.
The market is very colorful, 95% of the activities are runned by women. From the local market you will be introduced in one of the familycompounds in the village. You get brief information about the  history of the village and the village life.
The cooking takes place on the stage with the women of the particular family you are visiting. They will involve you completely in cooking.  
After cooking it's time to enjoy your own traditional Gambian dish with the local family! Don´t be surprised to eat in a traditional way with your hands and share the same huge plate. 


Excursions starting from your accommodation near the beach. 

AbCa's overnight stay

Duration: 2 days with an overnight stay
Depature: Accommodation near the coast
Departure time: 09.00 a.m. 
Including: Overnight stay, breakfast, two lunches and one dinner
Price: € 99,- per person (a minimum of 2 persons)

During this two-day excursion you will get the real Africa feeling

Day 1

At 09:00 you will be picked up at your hotel.
We start the day with a visit  to Abuko where we will visit a large animal market. From all over Gambia sheep, goats and cows are brought to the market to be sold. You can witness the negotiation skills of the owners. 

After that we will go Brikama where we will visit a colourful market. Local people come here to buy vegetables, fruit, fish, cloths, shoes and so on. Besides the local products, tourists can also buy souvenirs.

From there we will drive to the inlands of the Gambia. You will see more of the local way of life. On the way we will stop a few times to enjoy the nature and ricefields.


Around lunchtime we will arrive at the beautiful AbCa’s Creek Lodge which is located on a tributary of the Gambia River in the village Kassagne. We will welcome you with our local welcome-drink. We will have lunch and you will be amazed by the magnificent view you will have on the river.
After lunch you can take a nice swim in AbCa’s Creek (don’t forget your swimmingclothes), go for a walk or just relax.  
In the afternoon we will have a walking tour in the beautiful surroundings of AbCa’s. Your guide is very experienced and will definitely show you different kind of monkeys, a lot of birds and the beautiful palm forest. 
In the evening we will serve you a delicious local dinner. Afterwards you can make your own choice how to spend your time. Please note that the bar is open and we serve all kinds of different beverages.

Day 2

You will have an early wake-up call to go on a boat trip. Our guide will show you around in the mangroves while you are seated in a canoe. He will show you the most beautiful spots where you can see birds, water otters, monkeys and other animals.
After the boat trip you can enjoy your breakfast.

After breakfast we will  make a trip by bike in the surroundings. During the weekdays we visit a local school. Unfortunatly this is not possible during the weekends and during school holidays. We will visit a family in a compound. We prefer to visit one where tourists are not common visitors. During this visit you will experience how the daily life of the residents is and what there customs and habits are.
Around noon we have a local lunch in AbCa’s Creek Lodge.

We will drive back to the coast area where we will visit the fishing village of Tanji. Fishermen are coming back from sea to sell their catch at the beach. You will be amazed by the variety of fish. One of the biggest fishes is the Barracuda.
After Tanji we will drop you off at your hotel.