AbCa's Creek Lodge Gambia

Het echte Gambia ontdekken? Cultuur en natuur met een stralende glimlach!

About us



We are Abdoul and Carlijn.
Some time ago, we decided to start to live our dream: building a lodge in The Gambia, the native country of Abdoul. 
Gambia has many touristic hotel facilities along its beautiful coast side. 
Tourists can spend their time relaxing and enjoying the great climate and beautiful beaches. 
But… there is more to see! And it’s our pleasure to show you all the beauty that Gambia has. 
AbCa’s Creek Lodge is built along a creek, which is adjacent to the Gambia river. 
The lodge is located in the village Kassagne, which is an authentic village with beautiful nature in its surrounding. In Kassagne you will get the ‘real African experience’. 
The term ‘lodge’ is carefully chosen, in order to distinct our lodge from the bushcamps in the inland of Gambia. These bushcamps often have basic facilities, with no electricity or clear water. We want to give you the real African experience, in a comfortable way. Therefore, electricity and clean water are provided in our lodge.
Hospitality and a personal approach to our visitors are the most important characteristics of our lodge. 
There is enough food and drinks for everyone, and more important: it’s all fresh! The river provides us  fresh fish and fresh vegetables and fruits are growing in our own garden. Not a real fish fan? No problem! Of course we also serve other dishes. 
Besides spending your time relaxing, it is also possible to book excursions and activities at the lodge. 

We are happy to have you!